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Stop Complaining and Just Do It

One of the most longed after sayings in life is “I made it.” Everyone longs to say those words. It doesn't matter what career you are in--the music industry, entertainment industry, law, medicine, sports, etc.--your goal is to get to a place where you can feel as if you've finally made it, as if all of your hard work finally paid off and is about to reward you handsomely. Boy, do those words feel good when sliding off of your tongue. Sadly, in most cases, many--or most--people don't get to utter those words. So may people have fallen short of their goals. This type of disappointment can drive you mad and make you feel like it's a fight to even wake up in the morning.

Have you ever seen this happen in church: people get angry with a church because they aren't being given an opportunity to shine? (Some people are counting on a big break at a church so bad, thinking that if that church just allows them to preach, sing, etc. just once then they'll become famous enough to take their talent all over the world.) Have you ever heard people complaining and making excuses for not doing what they need to do, claiming that they aren't doing what they supposed to do because of so-and-so? So many are just waiting on other people to provide for them an opportunity to do what God called them to do (minister, help others, use their talents, etc.). So many people are sitting and waiting for someone famous to come along and recognize them; they're waiting for someone "important" to show up before they "perform". But I’m here to tell you that you shouldn't sit by and wait for a microphone and a pulpit if God called you to preach the gospel or sing to his glory. The hospitals need you. The jail needs you. Your children need you, wife needs you, husband needs you, cousins need you, homeless need you, etc. Stop waiting for an opportunity and create one. There are always opportunities sitting all around you. A co-worker on your job needs you. Have you told him/her about Christ, witnessed to your peers in the office, in the classroom, in your neighborhood? Or are you too good to "waste your gifts, talents and insights on unimportant people, people who can't 'hook you up' in life" (which is an arrogant attitude to have). Jesus said that the greatest in his kingdom is the least in the eyes of man. He said the servant is greater than the one being served. He was explaining that an humble, servant's attitude is more preferable to God than a arrogant, performance-oriented, self-centered attitude. So, if you're striving to be great, strive to be God's eyes, and not your own or others. It's possible that a person can be disappointed in life simply because they're too consumed with the opinions of others and with the insatiable appetites of their flesh, which can never be satisfied.

To be great, just start where you are and begin doing what God called you to do (and I need to remind you that God will never call you to do anything that contradicts his word and character; he will never endorse sin, perversion, and things that are sinful and demonic in nature). My Bible says in Joshua 1:8 that we should "meditate" on the word of God day and night and then we will make our way prosperous and will have good success. We must get to know God's word, his character, his ways, and live to please him first; in doing so, we will discover what God has for us, what he called us to do, and will then become unstoppable. No man can stop what God is doing in your life.

Spend time with God to discover what he desires for your life. And after discovering what he wants you to do, take time to invest in yourself in preparation for where he's taking you. Yes, it's OK to do some things for yourself. You have invested long enough in others and other things, but now it's time to take a break and invest in your own furture. Anyone in business can tell you that it costs to be the boss. What is it God is calling you to do? Is it to write a book, start a business? Whatever it is, this is the season to invest in in. Push yourself to greatness. Quit waiting for a big break and just start doing it. I remember when God told me to step out on faith. I complained the whole time. I told God I didn’t have the finances to start doing what he told me to do, I didn't have the qualifications to start doing what he called me to do, I needed some accomplishments under my belt first, etc. But then, God spoke to me and told me not to worry about my finances; just start doing what he said and he would take care of the rest. So I gave it to God and moved on, and then something else poped up. I told God I didn’t have the support system that I needed to start. If you’re going to do anything you need support. You can’t do everything by yourself. Then God spoke to me and said don’t worry, he is my source and my support system, and that he'd send the right people my way in due season. God had to teach me how to walk by faith and trust in his word. He had to stop me from complaining and challenge me to...just do it. I wanted all of my questions answer before I did anything, but life doesn't word that way; God doesn't give you the answers up front; instead, you discover the purpose for somethings at the end, or while you make the journey. So get moving.

God put a drive in me to do those things that were in my power to do. You have to do those things that are in your power to do. Stop waiting for others to do for you what you can do. If someone else comes along and helps you, that's great; but if not, don't let the lack of support or help from others handicap you. Have the attitude of a go-getter and get it done. This drive will push you to work hard and appreciate every blessing that comes your way. You want to have the attitude that says no one owes you anything. Don't start your journey looking around to see who's standing with you. If help comes, appreciate it and keep moving (do be appreciative though, because it is possible to be arrogant and think you're self-reliant and don't need anyone. That's the other side of arrogance: the idea that you don't need anyone...including God; that you don't have to work with anyone, and at times, put up with things you don't life. We appreciate people and must learn to work with people to get things done; we just don't live to please men and allow non-supporters to stop us from stepping out and doing what God calls us to do). Stop waiting for prince charming to come and love you. Learn to love yourself first, and then a prince charming will take notice of you. Stop waiting and complaining, and just go. If you have to catch the bus, do it. If you have to downsize to have more money to work with, do it. This is the season to stop crying about what you don’t have, who left, who who wont support you, etc. and get connected to the one who has all of the answers (JESUS). God has placed you here on the earth for a purpose. No more excuses! No more complaining. Do it!

Oh, and...realize that, as a Christian, you never get to say "I made it" until you hear God say those words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. You may enter into your rest (heaven)." The goal isn't to acquire material possessions to validate you in the eyes of men; it is to store up heavenly treasures to please your God by fulfilling his will for you on earth. We aren't the car we drive, the house we live in, the clothes we wear; we are identified by who we belong to (God). We strive for a higher crown (Philippians 3:13-14).

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