Stop Complaining and Just Do It

One of the most longed after sayings in life is “I made it.” Everyone longs to say those words. It doesn't matter what career you are in--the music industry, entertainment industry, law, medicine, sports, etc.--your goal is to get to a place where you can feel as if you've finally made it, as if all of your hard work finally paid off and is about to reward you handsomely. Boy, do those words feel good when sliding off of your tongue. Sadly, in most cases, many--or most--people don't get to utter those words. So may people have fallen short of their goals. This type of disappointment can drive you mad and make you feel like it's a fight to even wake up in the morning. Have you ever seen this

Are You Desperate or Irresistible?

When God tells you to do something, it's best to listen the first time around. Don't wait until he sends ten plagues your way--before you get your heart broken--to submit to him. So, if God tells you to let that no-good man go, don't wait until you hear rumors of him cheating on you with your best friend, or him clearing out your bank account, ruining your credit; or you discover that you have a STD, which he got from some other chic...or dude. Listen! God will show you warning signs ahead of time regarding situations you're about to get into. The Holy Spirit works with your common sense, not against it. If he's pushing you against the wall today and becomes uncontrollable when his anger fla

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