January 12, 2017

People are rewarded in public for what they do in private. We are recognized for the things we are great at, but in order to become great at something we must practice. To become great it takes a lot of practice—even years of practice. But after a while, that practice...

March 30, 2016



I just want to ask you one question: Are you speaking life or death over your dream(s)? That's right! You heard me correctly. Is your tongue your biggest enemy, or your greatest asset? Most people tend to speak death over their own dreams...and then wonder why their...

February 26, 2015



If there is one thing that can suffocate a person in life, it is wearing a false identity. All of us were created with a purpose. We're not accidents. The world may tell us that we're accidents, but God's word says that we were "wonderfully and fearfully made" by God...

January 22, 2015


Here we are. This is a new year. We have been blessed to make it thus far, but not everyone is feeling jubilant. Not everyone is celebrating. Many people are feeling sad, depressed, afraid, inadequate, bitter and sad. Some people feel as if they have nothing to be hap...

July 24, 2014


One of the most longed after sayings in life is “I made it.” Everyone longs to say those words. It doesn't matter what career you are in--the music industry, entertainment industry, law, medicine, sports, etc.--your goal is to get to a place where you can feel as if y...

July 19, 2014


When God tells you to do something, it's best to listen the first time around. Don't wait until he sends ten plagues your way--before you get your heart broken--to submit to him. So, if God tells you to let that no-good man go, don't wait until you hear rumors of him...

June 10, 2014


Wouldn't it just be so simple if we could all live in our little comfort zones? We'd all love to live in a world where no one and nothing challenges us. I mean, that would be living; it would be heaven on earth. But we all know that's not the world we live in. In this...

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