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My Biggest Fear

Wouldn't it just be so simple if we could all live in our little comfort zones? We'd all love to live in a world where no one and nothing challenges us. I mean, that would be living; it would be heaven on earth. But we all know that's not the world we live in. In this world, we have challenges and situations that shatter our comfort zones. In this world we have to fight, not just physically, but also spiritually. The Bible talks about learning how to fight the good fight of faith, and engaging in spiritual warfare. There may be some prophecies and promises that have been spoken over your life, but in order to get them you have to fight just to hold on to your faith in God's ability to bring them to pass in your life. I found out that any thing worth having is worth fighting for. Basically, this means: in order to receive what God has for you, you can't remain where you are; but you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and do that which is...different.

My Biggest fear, of course, was overcoming the fear of failure. The most difficult thing I had to learn how to do was step out of my comfort zone when God challenged me to do so. In doing so, I was left wondering, "What if it doesn't work out? What if i fail? What if I end up a complete failure?" Thoughts like these are common when challenged with the task of doing something different. The Lord told Abraham that nothing extraordinary was going to happen in his life until he got out of the land he grew up in and became willing to let God take him someplace different. Sometimes, we have to leave what was comfortable to us. Sometimes it's good to be challenged. I had to go from asking, "What if I fail" to asking, "What if God is really up to something?" This helped me to gain the courage to overcome my fear of failure: knowing God had a plan and that he has already equipped me with the tools needed to accomplish the task before me. I had to learn how to operate in God's timing and seek him daily. He knows what's best for us. You are never too young or too old to accomplish what God calls you to do when he tells you to do it; so stop wasting time comparing your life with others and ask God what is he doing in your life at this very moment. He may be up to something totally different from what you planned for yourself. For a season in my life it was a time for me to give birth to children. God wanted me to put my goals and plans on hold to birth three wonderful children. I felt like my life wasn't going anywhere; like I was just wallowing away, giving birth to children, not moving forward with my life; but that was until I received several prophetic words of confirmation that God was up to something. Each of my children are gifts from God and have been prophesied to do and be something great for God's glory. Regarding my last child, it was prophesied on three different occasions that God would not allow me to proceed forward with my plans in business and life until I gave birth to him. One prophet spoke and said, "God said you have to have this child first, then God will open doors for you in your career." I thought I was doing nothing with myself, but God was working all the while. I was not a failure; I was a vessel used of God for that season to birth out future world-shakers who would be used mightily by God. Stop focusing only on you and focus on what God is doing in your life during the season you're in. I was entirely too focused on watching everyone else's life and listening to so many people until I didn't even take time to listen to God. When that prophet gave me that confirmation--that I was in God's will and timing, and that I was doing his work although in the eyes of men it appeared as if I was doing nothing with my life--I then realized what the word of God means when Jesus said we should take no thought for our lives in Luke chapter 12, and what the Bible means when Paul said we should place no confidence in our flesh. At that very moment I began living confidently, understanding that my life is in God's hands. I began living for God. It didn't matter anymore if I was all that and a bag of chips in the eyes of people.

My Biggest fear use to be people's opinions of me, but now my biggest fear is not being in the will of God. If you're in the will of God, he will take you places you can only dream of. Remember that God created us for his glory as revealed in Isaiah 43:7. We are all living vessels that suppose to contain God's glory. All glory belongs to God and not us. So, rule number #1 is to understand that it's about God's agenda, not your own. We will walk in fear--the fear of people, fear of failure, fear of people's opinions, etc.--and remain frustrated in life until we understand that at the end of the day God is in control and he has a perfect plan for us, one that doesn't necessarily line up with our plans or what men think things should look like. So save yourself a headache and ask God to guide your footsteps. Remind yourself daily that it's not about us, but that it's all about God. Once we accept God's agenda for our lives, life will become so much sweeter...even when it feels sour.

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