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And finally release that held up, backed up outpour of...

Financial Prosperity


Growth in your Business or Ministry

Happiness and Fulfillment in your Marriage

Connectivity in your Relationships

Freedom from Self-Sabotage and Negative Thinking

Freedom from Clutter

The help you desperately need is now within reach! 

It's time for you to get...



Unblock /ŭn-blŏk′/

(verb: "To remove or clear an obstruction from.")

Are You A Woman
Who Is In




A Relationship


you feel like you've hit an invisible wall and you can't seem to move forward?

There seems to be an invisible barrier in front of you,

blocking you from reaching specific goals.

For whatever reason, It seems like the dreams God placed in your heart are being


Things aren't moving fast enough in your business,

or they've come to a complete halt

and you're unsure why.

Every time you try to accomplish simple tasks, 

you keep running into a "Wall of Woe"

that makes doing simple things difficult.

Your ministry has hit a wall and can't seem to grow any further.

You can't get past roadblocks

in your marriage or stop

sabotaging good relationships.

Woman fall depression sitting by the window and looking at nature, rainy weather and disco

No, you're not imagining things.

And no,

you're not alone.

Millions of women from all over the world, from every background, report feeling the same way as you. They feel like there's something blocking their progress in life.

They can't quite put their fingers on it. They don't know if it's them, the people around them, or something unseen (spiritual). But one thing they can tell you with absolute certainty is...

They're not where they should be in life.

They should be much further along.

What if you could finally discover what's sabotaging your success?

And what if you could completly

remove it?

What if you could knock down the wall that's blocking your...

Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

Financial Breakthrough

Business or Ministry Growth

Harmony in your Marriage

Ability to form Healthy Relationships

Hello. My name is

Jackie Flemming.

I know exactly where you are and what you're experiencing. I've been there countless times before. Some people see me today and think things have always been wonderful in my life, but they weren't around to witness my dark days. There was a season when I had absolutely no...

  • speaking engagements

  • money

  • influence

  • success in business

  • happiness and peace

  • sense of direction

  • self-esteem and self-worth

  • self-confidence

and my marriage was barely holding on by a thread. Shocking! I know. But it's all true. 

I dealt with depression and hopelessness. It was as if life was passing me by, and all I could do was smile on the outside while feeling crushed internally under the weight of my own failures.

You put on a good game. You've bought into the "fake it until you make it" philosophy. But the unbearable weight of your facade is crushing you within. You can't go on crying under the cover of night, secretly longing for the day you can experience true joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment. And until you finally remove the blockages that are standing in the way of your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, you'll continue to "fake it" in front of others, hoping you'll one day "make it". Only, that day will never come.

You see, success isn't an accident; it isn't a chance or coincidence; it's a choice. You must decide that you're tired of the obstacles that are holding you back, and that you're going to remove them. So stop waiting on chance and take control of your life today!


"You can attend more business strategy sessions, take additional relationship courses, and participate in more church growth conferences, but...

if you don't address the root problem within yourself, you'll remain stuck and unable to confidently utilize all of those resources. I am here to help you identify and fix the root problem, so you can move forward with confidence."

My situation changed when I discovered that I was responsible for changing it.

I know that doesn't sit well with many people because many have been misled to believe someone else is responsible for their success. And I'm sure you've seen them. They're the perpetual victims who ooze "victim mentality" - blaming their parents, surroundings, teachers, upbringings, and even their pets for where they are in life. They're pros at finding someone to blame for their misfortunes.

I used to be one of those people who would constantly sing the "Who Done Me Wrong" song, holding a pity party and dwelling on my past wounds. However, my mentor helped me realize that while I may not be fully responsible for what has happened to me in the past, I do have the power to take control of my present and future. I am responsible for my own emotional and mental well-being, my spiritual growth, my health, and my own decisions.

Most importantly, I'm responsible for...

the thoughts I allow to dominate my heart and mind.

That's my responsibility according to 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, which says, 

"We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ." (NLT)

I realized I don't have to be a victim of my thoughts, and hence, my emotions. Instead, God has given me the power to choose which thoughts I want to let rule my mind.

Many people ask me, "What's your secret? How did you manage to accomplish the things you accomplished?

How did I overcome fear and step out on faith to do the will of God for my life? And not only that, but how did I manage to experience supernatural favor and success in my endeavors? What's my "secret" to going from no influence to influence, from no money to experiencing financial abundance, from depression and low self-esteem to experiencing true happiness and a fierce sense of self-confidence?

My secret? It's simple: I changed my thinking. I got rid of the negative thoughts that were blocking my destiny and holding me back.


I got another picture of myself in my head, and then I changed the words that were coming out of my mouth. 

I discovered what the Bible means when it says, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7).

Yes, you're experiencing a blockage in your life. It's called Stinking Thinking.

I think it might be linked to bad breath, too. I don't know. I'll research that. 

But I do know stinking thinking is linked to toxic, pungent, foul smelling words.

And that's one of the main things I'm going to help you remove in this mentorship program. We're going to get rid of one of the main blockages that's killing your business, ministry, and even your marriage or relationships: your stinking thinking.

In this program, we will tackle the toxic thoughts and subconscious programming that is robbing you of your success  - the thoughts and beliefs that came about through things such as...

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Bad Religious Teachings

  • Dysfunctional Families

  • Superstitious Beliefs

  • Parental Neglect and Abuse

  • Abusive Relationships

  • Narcissistic Abuse

  • Cultural Beliefs


"For a while, I’d been seeking in prayer to have one-on-one Godly counseling sessions regarding some important areas in my life. Low and behold, shortly thereafter I started hearing about Prophet Jackie’s life coaching one-on-one life coaching sessions. I registered, received emails directly from her, and my  life coaching session dates were set.


Each session begin with prayer, was transparent, and uniquely customized to my needs. She intensively listened, ask the right questions, took out the time to impart wisdom, examples, all backed with God’s Word. I highly recommend to anyone seeking some one-on-one, authentic 

Godly coaching. Thankful for my experience!"

Vickie Watters

Rayven Stokes

But we're also going to go deeper and deal with the biggest and most elusive blockage that's hindering your growth and progress in specific areas of your life, one most people don't know about and can't help you with.

Contrary to what popular culture tells you, what you don't know can - and will - kill you.

Yes, I'm talking about an area most life coaches and even ministers won't go into either due to fear or ignorance:

I'm talking about spiritual blockages.

The reality is we're spirits living in a body, and not bodies housing a spirit. Our true nature is that we're spirit beings. And with that understanding, it shouldn't be any surprise that as children of God, we experience first and foremost spiritual attacks against our lives, goals, businesses, ministries, families, marriages, and divine destinies.

Yes, there are spiritual hindrances we must deal with, spiritual blockages standing in our way. These things come in the form of...

  • Evil Altars

  • Witchcraft

  • Soul-Ties

  • Spirit Spouses

  • Word Curses

  • Generational Curses

  • Demonic Strongholds


There may be blockages effecting you today that were put in place against your family generations ago. There may be open doors in your life that allow demonic spirits, monitoring spirits, sabotaging spirits to work against your destiny, and you may not realize it.

But in the UnBlocked Mentorship Program, we're going to expose and remove these blockages so you can be liberated from the unseen forces and hindrances that have been secretly and silently plaguing you from behind the scenes. This goes beyond fixing subconscious programming or creating a vision board and stating daily affirmations; this reaches the core of your very being, allowing you to experience wholeness on the deepest level.

I hope you're ready!

Are you ready to get rid of the spiritual blockages that are operating in your life?

There's no need to delay the supernatural healing, breakthrough, deliverance and favor that God has prepared for you. 

Jackie Flemming's mentorship helps individuals get to the spiritual roots of the issues facing them and secretly holding them back. 

Listen to this powerful testimony from one of Jackie's past clients, Marcus McClanahan:


No More Delay!

  • How much longer do you intend to suffer?

  • How much longer do you plan to watch your dreams and goals fall by the wayside?

  • How much longer do you intend to allow hidden blockages to stump the growth of your business or ministry

  • You can't afford to sign up for coaching? You can't afford not to! How much more money can you afford to watch go down the drain because you're struggling with mental and emotional blockages that are depleting your energy, creativity, confidence, ability to concentrate and focus, and even your passion for what you do?

  • How much longer do you want to experience loneliness due to being in the spin-cycle of destructive relationships?

  • How much longer do you want to go on experiencing disconnection and division in your marriage?

Upset woman, airport and flight delay sitting on bench in travel restrictions or plane can

You have too much to do! You don't have time to let blockages delay your life, your destiny! The longer you allow these blockages to remain, the more your

. . . business will suffer

. . . marriage will suffer

. . . ministry will suffer

. . . family will suffer

. . . finances will suffer

. . . destiny will suffer

Let's remove the blockages so you can turn your life around today!

12-Week Program

This program is for 12 weeks. Sessions will be once a week for twelve weeks.

Weekly Live Sessions

This program consists of live virtual group sessions over Zoom on Thursdays at 7:30 pm. Sessions will be recorded and made available to the program participants the following day.

Exclusive Email Support

Participants in this program will receive 24/7 email support. This support is for technical issues and questions regarding the program's content.

Payment Plans

We have different payment plan options available.


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  • UNBLOCKED Mentorship Program

    This is a one-time payment for the "Un-Blocked Mentorship Program"
    Valid for 3 months
  • UNBLOCKED Mentorship Program

    Every month
    3 month payment plan for the "Un-Blocked Mentorship Program"
    Valid for 3 months

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