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“…It’s wonderful! it was one of the best events I’ve ever been to in my life—and I’ve been to a lot of places. Make sure you buy her book [Purpose Seekers]. It’s awesome! It’s life changing!”

Sharhonda Dallis, make-up artist

“It was awesome! It was wonderful! It was very thought provoking and inspiring. The speakers were top of the line from beginning to end. I enjoyed myself. I learned a lot, and I hope to impart some of what I have learned into others.”

Karen Lee, business owner

“It was life-changing! It was awesome! It was thought provoking. It has me now thinking that I want to seek more what my purpose is and live a life on purpose. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome event!”

Sharita Austin, business owner

“I had an amazing time. I learned a lot of information. Awesome women networking… You want to get to know Jackie Flemming. So, whatever you do, reach out to her; find out the information and be here [at the Purpose Seekers Empowerment] next time. Purpose seekers has your answer. If you’re looking for an answer, Purpose Seekers is where you want to come.”

Asia Paynes

““It was an awesome event! It all led me to think passionately about what it is that i’m trying to do with my life, and as well as where God is taking me. It was a blessing to be here [at the Purpose Seekers Empowerment Brunch]. It was a blessing to meet all of the ladies that came here today. I just want to be able to take what I learned here and apply it to my business, my clientele, and possibly be able to go a little further with my ministry.”

Tomeka Hand, business owner

““It was a wonderful event. I really enjoyed it. To God be the glory. Very inspiring! Very empowering! Very up-lifting! And definitely a great way to start the new year…because God has blessed us to get into a new year, so we have to realize we’re still here—we’re here on purpose—and God has got great plans for all of us. It was a wonderful event. The speakers were awesome. It definitely fed my mind and my spirit; and definitely, I will now be moving on ahead with a new mind-set, a new vision, a new encouragement, and a new strength. I want to thank Lady Jackie for being obedient and sticking to her vision and her dream, and I hope that God will bless her to keep pressing and keep moving on and empowering women and doing the work He has called her to do.”

Sandra Ricketts-Taylor, motivational speaker

“[Concerning the book “Purpose Seekers”] It was awesome! Dynamic! It has a prophetic anointing on it that I believe will touch the hearts of many. I just want to congratulate Jackie Flemming for giving herself to God—to use her for such a time as this. I would recommend this book.”

Marylin Jackson

“I really enjoyed the message that Jackie Flemming delivered tonight [at the Night of Purpose]. If you were hesitant about anything you want to do in life, she brought forth that you just have to step out on faith and trust God the rest of the way.”

Cynthia Searcy

“It was so awesome! I have been afraid to step out on faith, but this was just what I needed. I stepped all the way out now. I thank minister Jackie for giving me the encouragement that I needed.”

Letha Zogaa

“It was wonderful! I really enjoyed. It was encouraging for me. She [Jackie Flemming] said some things to me for my business about stepping out of fear. I know she has some more to come. Congratulations!”

Tracey Scott

“It was very inspiring. It opened-up a lot about myself: what God has for me, and that I can also become a purpose seeker. And I really enjoyed the book.”

Adrienne Thomas

“Purpose Seekers was incredible! Congratulations Jackie on your Purpose Seekers event. I can’t wait until the next one.”

Melvin Elder, photographer

“Tonight was fabulous! I cannot believe the information and the charisma that Jackie has. I’m ready to go!”

Niya Matthews

“I’m ready to do it! it was so exciting! It was God-filling! It was great information, and I am ready to seek my purpose even further. Thank you Jackie.”

Quanyin Jacobs-Young, boutique owner

““I enjoyed it. It was very inspirational. It motivated my faith.”

Belinda Miles

“It has been a wonderful event! I am excited! I am ready to go! I am pumped! Lady Jackie spoke [about] fear and not allowing fear to hinder you, and it was something that truly resonated in my spirit; and now I’m ready to just continue on with my journey and what I feel is my purpose; to move forward in what the Lord has for me. I am excited for her [Jackie Flemming’s] future and this Purpose Seekers Movement.”

Ahlumba Harris, author

“A very inspirational book [Purpose Seekers] for both the young and old. The personal tests, trials and most of all her ability to overcome through God's grace and mercy is definitely a attention capturer from the beginning to end. This book can be a tool to assist you in identifying where you are in your relationship with the Father and how to make a positive change towards your purpose in life. I truly enjoyed this book and it has motivated me to continue to move forward in every area in my life.”

Sandra Bradford

“I would suggest to all out there to purchase this book [Purpose Seekers]. It's an AWESOME read, and parents I would say to you, please buy this for your teenagers/ young adults. Thank you, Lady Jackie for writing a GREAT book. May God continue to bless you.”

Latrice Johnson

“This book [Purpose Seekers] is TRULY AMAZING! Evangelist Jacqueline Flemming captures the attention of her readers in the first chapter and takes them on a spiritual journey. I strongly recommend Purpose Seekers for both men and women of all ages.”

SavingourSeniors2014 (Amazon profile name)

“Awesome book [Purpose Seekers]. You will enjoy every page.”

Veleta Jones, author

“If you want to know your true purpose in life, you should read Purpose Seekers by Jackie Flemming. Jackie is very transparent in her book which makes it easier for the reader to relate to her journey. It always takes you back to the Word of God. The book is eye opening, thought provoking, convicting, and will empower you to become more vigilant in seeking God's purpose for your life. It is not gender based because it relates to males and females who struggle with everyday issues. The Purpose Seekers Journal keeps you focused on the journey to your purpose. The exercises in the Journal will help you to understand how to deal with the issues that are plaguing you and keeping you from knowing your purpose. The Book and Journal work hand in hand. I was privileged to attend the first Purpose Seekers Empowerment Brunch January 2015. It was a time of reflection, encouragement, and empowerment! It definitely stirred up those hidden gifts or gifts you had put on the back burner. If you did not know what your purpose was when you came to the the Brunch, nine times out of ten, you knew before you left!"

Zadie R. Long

“I really enjoyed your book [Purpose Seekers]. It made me look at the things that occurs in my life a lot differently. I can see how God is giving me so much favor!!! Your book and your Purpose Seekers Empowerment Brunch have really blessed me and I'm so ready for the change God is going to do in my life."

Genise Jackson

“Often times we allow our past to dictate our future but I'm grateful Minister Jackie Flemming allowed hers to be a testimony. Reading Purpose Seekers gave me the push I needed to move towards my purpose in ministry. Anyone who is dealing with certain struggles in life, I promise you this book will help you. Not only did the author use facts but I love how the Bible was reference a lot. Yes, have a Bible next to you...along with a journal to write in lol."

Audrey Hill

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