Purpose Seekers


Purpose Seekers is the debut book by Jackie Flemming. This book will take you on a journey through Jackie's life, showing you how she went from drugs and promiscuity to purity and true happiness. Jackie will share with you revelations that have changed her life, such as: how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, understanding different spiritual seasons, how to divorce soul-ties, discovering your identity in Christ, and more. Purpose Seekers is the perfect book for teens, young adults, adults, Bible study groups, and more.

Purpose Seekers Journal


Purpose Seekers Journal is the companion to the debut book by Jackie Flemming: Purpose Seekers. This journal features prayers of impartation, spiritual exercises, and sections for note taking. Don't just read Purpose Seekers; experience Purpose Seekers with this journal as it takes you on a journey within yourself and walks you step by step into the freedom God promised you.

You Matter


In this beautifully written book, Jackie Flemming reveals to readers just how much they matter in this world - that all of us matter to other people in one way or another, and most importantly, that all of us matter to God. We are significant, important, and endowed with a purpose in this world. Discover just what God thinks about you in this book which includes daily prayers to pray and daily affirmations to speak over your life that will shift your thinking.

Stay Focused


In this incredible and informative book, Jackie Flemming reveals how to develop a vision for your life and how to accomplish your goals. In this book you will find key strategies for remaining focused on your goals and avoiding the many distractions waiting to derail you. This book is a must have for everyone leader, entrepreneur, business owner, and every person who is looking to accomplish goals of any kind in life.