Jacqueline (Jackie) Deanna Flemming is an entrepreneur, success coach, minister, public speaker, author, wife, and mother. She was born January 21, 1983, in Sumter, South Carolina to Anthony Robinson and Shirley Fulton. 


Jackie's early years were tumultuous. Being in and out of trouble as a child and indulging in a life of drugs, promiscuity, gang activity, and more, Jackie found herself on the fast-track towards prison and the grave. After various situations that served as eye-openers for her including a near drug overdose, Jackie surrendered her life to Jesus the Christ at the age of 16. She quickly excelled in her spiritual development, becoming a leader to her peers in high school.


In the years to come, Jackie Flemming realized her dream as a fashion model and

actress. She attended and graduated from the Barbizon School of Modeling and

John Robert Powers School of Modeling and Acting. She began doing fashion

shows for various promotions including Urban Style Promotions, Black Pearl

Promotions, Liz Claiborne, Chicos, as well as other promotions in Atlanta, Georgia

and Macon, Georgia. 


It was in the year 2002 when Jackie realized her true purpose in life. That year she

attended the IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) held in Hollywood,

California, where she was sought after by agencies in both California and New York.

However, the plan of God for her life would place her on a different course. In

2003, she married her husband, Timothy Flemming, Jr., and began a family. And

in 2006, she answered her call into the ministry. At that point, Jackie turned her

attention towards biblical studies.


                                                Jackie's special passion for mentoring and leading young

                                                 women into their purposes and discovery of their true

                                                 identities began in her high school years and escalated in

                                                 her after joining the ministry. It was during this time that Jackie began working with troubled teenage

                                                 girls as she served as a counselor for a group home. Dealing with a myriad of mental disorders,

                                                 traumas, experiences and situations, Jackie honed even further her ability to counsel, mentor, and

                                                 lead young women. But her journey on the road of purpose and self-discovery wouldn't stop there.


                                                                                      In 2012, she felt yet another transition occur in her life. While working

                                                                                      professionally in corporate America as a section eight leasing agent, the Lord

                                                                                      moved upon Jackie's heart to walk away from her job making good money and

                                                                                     become an entrepreneur. Jackie describes the entire process and shares in great

                                                                                     detail how God spoke to her to make this move and to launch out and follow

                                                                                     her dream of becoming an author, public speaker, and conductor of workshops,

                                                                                     seminars, and other events focused on empowering men, women, young adults,

                                                                                     and children to discover their God-given purposes in life in her book Purpose



                                                                              Today, Jackie Flemming is a sought after speaker. She has spoken at various venues from elementary schools to business and empowerment seminars. She has been the keynote speaker at women's conferences and women's events held at churches. She passionately shares her story and impacts the lives of many. Jackie also conducts her own workshops and seminars, the most popular being her Purpose Seekers events (A Night of Purpose; Purpose Seekers Empowerment Brunch; etc.), which she holds annually.


Jackie Flemming is the author of several books: "Purpose Seekers", "Purpose Seekers Journal", "You Matter", and "Stay Focused".


As a minister, Jackie teaches a women’s Bible Study every Monday at 6:30 pm at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Jackie also conducts a prayer service at 5 am every Wednesday at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. 


Jackie Flemming holds a special Purpose Seekers Empowerment Call every Thursday from 8 am to 9 am.


Staying true to her roots in the fashion industry, Jackie started her own boutique called Unique Ladies Boutique, where she focuses on helping women to look classy and sexy. Jackie also does acting still. She has been seen on shows like Being Mary Jane and others.


And just when you thought that was enough, Jackie still manages to be a mother of three (Timothy the 3rd, Timera, and Jeremiah) and a wife (of Timothy Flemming, Jr.). She has learned how to balance work, home, business, ministry, and all other areas and obligations by constantly relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in her life. With God first, as Jackie often shares, all other areas of our lives will fall into place.

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To contact Jackie, go to: Info@JackieFlemming.com

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